Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The crumpled paper drawing was my favorite project overall. Even though it was just a homework assignment, i spent a lot of time on it and added a ton of detail. The shading i added made this drawing very realistic because i exaggerated the dark and light spots. I started this project by crumpling up the paper and putting a lamp to the right side. I drew the outline of the paper next and drew the inside lines. after that i added shading to both the paper and the shadow of the paper. Finally i smoothed out the shadows with a paper towel. i had a lot of fun with this project.

The perspective name drawing was one of my favorite projects this semester. I added my favorite food in the background to make it my own. the first thing i did was set up my paper and planned where to put my name. The next thing i did was pick a vanishing point. i chose to make it to the right and slightly to the top. i drew my name in block letters and then drew the 3 dimensional backs to them. after i did that i drew the box of cereal and my cereal bowl. The final step was adding texture to both the letters and the cereal in the background. I am very happy how this project turned out.