Drawing Final Portfolio

1.) The project that was most successful for me was the "what you can see through" project. I chose to draw twinkies as an excuse for my parents to buy me them to eat. As i worked on this drawing, I really enjoyed adding the layers to make the twinkies look realistic. I used prismacolor colored pencils to create this drawing. I went through a very long process of adding different layers of color during this project.  It took me a long time to finish this project because I spent almost every minute of every day working on it. I really enjoyed doing this project to the point where I would do everything to not get distracted from it. The prisma color pencils were very fun to use and they have been my favorite medium to use so far. The twinkies were delicious and I was extremely proud of myself for creating this drawing so it was a win-win situation.

2.)The life-size figure drawing was my least successful project. I did not spend enough time trying to get it to look realistic. I think that the reason I did not do good was because I did not enjoy doing this project. I did not have the right mindset to properly complete it. I had never drawn anything to that scale either so this concept was new to me. I usually do not draw people which is another thing that was new to me but I think if I tried to do a project similar to this again, i would be much more successful because I would spend more time on the details. Overall, I was not proud of this project and I did not enjoy it. I wish I liked this project because I think the outcome would have been much better.

3.) The first drawing we did was the bottle drawing in prismacolor pencils. I did not do a good job with this because I rushed it. Another reason why this drawing was not as good as it should have been was that I had no experience with the prismacolor colored pencils so I didn't know how to layer the colors correctly. Knowing what I know now, I could do a much better job with this drawing if I tried to do it again.

The twinkie drawing, also with prismacolor colored pencils, was way more successful. I spent a lot of time layering the colors to get the realistic look and textures of the twinkies, glass, and background. The bottle drawing does not compare to the twinkie drawing because of the time I spent trying to make this drawing realistic. It showed major improvements from the bottle drawing. The twinkie drawing made me love to use the prismacolor colored pencils because of the success I had and I will definitely use them again in the future.

4.) The first mini lesson that helped me was drawing the candy. I drew one piece in prismacolor pencils and the other piece in chalk pastel. I enjoyed both the pastel and colored pencils but I chose the colored pencils to do the next major project because I was able to add more detail and not make a mess. This mini lesson helped me create later projects and I would not have been as successful without this lesson.
The second mini lesson that was most beneficial was the self portrait skull drawing. We drew ourselves on tracing paper over a skull to help us get the correct placement of facial features. Using the skull really helped me with feature placement and detail. If I did not do this mini lesson, my final self portrait would not have been successful. The difference between the two drawings was magnificent and I was very proud of my final portrait.

5.) My favorite medium to use during this class was the prismacolor colored pencils. I had never used them till this class but they were very fun to use. I love their ability to layer different colors together to make a final blended color. I think that the main reason I like them so much is because I enjoy adding a lot of detail. These pencils have the ability to make almost any color you want. The first major project we did was the "look at that view" drawing. We were supposed to either do it all in pencil or add color to only a particular spot. I started the drawing in pencil and realized I needed something more to get the drawing to pop out. I added color to the arm reaching up by taking about 8 different colors and blending them together. The different colors you can create are amazing and it is very cool to make realistic textures with them. I would love to use this medium in the future because I love all the possibilities with it. 

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