Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Life-Size Figure Drawing

For the figure drawing, we were asked to create a life size drawing of somebody in the class. This was a very challenging project and getting the proportions correct was a challenge. I did not like this project but i think i would like it more if i tried it again.

1.) Artists develop art-making skills- I learned a lot from this project. It was one of the first times i have shaded with charcoal and the first time i've drawn on such a large scale. I used a yardstick and a ruler to help me get the correct proportions of the body. Another new thing i did was using a paper towel to blend in the charcoal. Overall, this project helped me develop skills that i previously did not have.
2.) Artists Collaborate- During this project I Collaborated with classmates which helped me learn from their experiences. Jud and I took turns working on our project so we could both work on the same body parts at the same time. this allowed us to give each other tips on what methods we used to create the drawing. I think that collaborating with others while making art makes a big impact on the final product because it allows the artist to learn from other peoples mistakes. Not only do artists learn from other peoples mistakes, but they can prevent others from making mistakes too by collaborating.
3.) Artists Solve Problems- I faced many problems while creating this drawing. The first problem was the proportions. I redrew the body parts many times till I got them in the place that I wanted them to be in. Another problem I had was the shading and the value changes. On some parts of this drawing I had already shaded it but I realized it was too dark. To fix this, I erased sections and then added more value back by shading lightly in layers and getting progressively darker with my pencil. The final problem was making it look as realistic as possible. I did not do the best job at this and I wish I spent more time on the details of the face.

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