Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The crumpled paper drawing was my favorite project overall. Even though it was just a homework assignment, i spent a lot of time on it and added a ton of detail. The shading i added made this drawing very realistic because i exaggerated the dark and light spots. I started this project by crumpling up the paper and putting a lamp to the right side. I drew the outline of the paper next and drew the inside lines. after that i added shading to both the paper and the shadow of the paper. Finally i smoothed out the shadows with a paper towel. i had a lot of fun with this project.

The perspective name drawing was one of my favorite projects this semester. I added my favorite food in the background to make it my own. the first thing i did was set up my paper and planned where to put my name. The next thing i did was pick a vanishing point. i chose to make it to the right and slightly to the top. i drew my name in block letters and then drew the 3 dimensional backs to them. after i did that i drew the box of cereal and my cereal bowl. The final step was adding texture to both the letters and the cereal in the background. I am very happy how this project turned out.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

acrylic landscape painting

The first thing i did during this project was choosing my color scheme. I chose orange and blue as my color scheme. I drew with sharpie what i wanted the painting to look like before i started painting. I started my painting with the sky in the background aswell as a cloud. after that i moved to the mountain which i put on top of the background. i used a variety of brushes to create this painting. Using small and big brushes made it a better painting because it gave the painting more texture. I used value in my painting by adding lights and darks to my colors. when i painted the trees. I used perspective by making them increasingly get bigger as they got closer to me. The grass that i painted turned out worse than i wanted it too but it did not ruin my painting. Overall, i wish i did a better job with this project.

pastel still life

I planned my composition by taking my items and putting them in the best looking places possible. It was a thumbnail sketch before i did the main pastel drawing. The viewfinder helped me choose which way to do my art so that it looks the best. I used shadows to make my composition have dimension by the light source that came from the left side of the art. this was my favorite project to do during the time i was in art.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Ceramic Pot

The size of my project was about 3 1/2 inches tall and about 8 inches wide. the main design element that was  stressed in the construction was the edges, i made them wavy to add a 3 dimensional feel to the art. i used the slump technique for this project so the edges would naturally get their shape. My piece does serve a function. i currently use it to hold pencils in my room aswell as other small objects. For this project, i never really created a design, i went with the flow and it turned out great. I learned how to make clay pots during this project. if i were to change this project i would have made a stand for the bottom. having a round bottom makes it hard for it to sit still.