Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Scratchboard Drawing

The scratchboard drawing was very interesting. I have never done anything like it before and I am glad I was introduced to such a cool art style.

1.) Artists Create Original Art- I did not base this artwork off a picture. I chose to do a forest fire and I felt like it would be more interesting if I put trees in random places rather than copy somebody's photograph. I used a lot of creativity in this project with the fire and trees falling in the background.
2.) Artists Develop Art-making Skills- This project was the first time I have used a scratchboard. I developed different techniques on how to use the scratchboard while doing this project. The different tools i had available really helped me create different textures in different places on the scratchboard. I think the skills I developed while doing this project will help me in the future if I ever do another scratchboard drawing.
3.) Artists Solve Problems- I faced a couple of problems while doing the scratchboard drawing. The first problem was making it realistic. I somewhat solved this problem but I wish I took more time on putting detail into it. The major problem I faced was accidently putting a line in the wrong spot. When this happened I had to rearrange the placement of the trees and fire. I think i did a good job of overcoming this problem but if I use the scratchboard again, I am going to be more careful with my line placement.

Life-Size Figure Drawing

For the figure drawing, we were asked to create a life size drawing of somebody in the class. This was a very challenging project and getting the proportions correct was a challenge. I did not like this project but i think i would like it more if i tried it again.

1.) Artists develop art-making skills- I learned a lot from this project. It was one of the first times i have shaded with charcoal and the first time i've drawn on such a large scale. I used a yardstick and a ruler to help me get the correct proportions of the body. Another new thing i did was using a paper towel to blend in the charcoal. Overall, this project helped me develop skills that i previously did not have.
2.) Artists Collaborate- During this project I Collaborated with classmates which helped me learn from their experiences. Jud and I took turns working on our project so we could both work on the same body parts at the same time. this allowed us to give each other tips on what methods we used to create the drawing. I think that collaborating with others while making art makes a big impact on the final product because it allows the artist to learn from other peoples mistakes. Not only do artists learn from other peoples mistakes, but they can prevent others from making mistakes too by collaborating.
3.) Artists Solve Problems- I faced many problems while creating this drawing. The first problem was the proportions. I redrew the body parts many times till I got them in the place that I wanted them to be in. Another problem I had was the shading and the value changes. On some parts of this drawing I had already shaded it but I realized it was too dark. To fix this, I erased sections and then added more value back by shading lightly in layers and getting progressively darker with my pencil. The final problem was making it look as realistic as possible. I did not do the best job at this and I wish I spent more time on the details of the face.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Skull Drawing

This was a very interesting project and i have never done anything like it before. Having the tracing paper over the skull really helped make getting correct proportions easier because the skull acted as a guidline. I enjoyed this project because it was fun and unlike the other projects in this class. This really helped me excell on the actual self portrait because i knew where things go on the face. 

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Gesture drawings

I have never done gesture drawings before so it was very fun to try it out. Its a cool concept of a simple fast drawing but still showing the pose the person was in. I do not like gesture drawings as much as actual drawings though because i prefer adding detail and trying to make things look realistic. This project made me open up to a new type of drawing so it was good for helping my artistic skills. 

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Self portrait

I was very proud of the outcome of this drawing. It looks almost exactly like me.
1.) Artists create original art- i thought i did a good job making this project my own by the facial expression. I spent a long time trying to get it right and it turned out great. I only used the tortillion on some parts of the face to get a smooth effect on some spots, and a more rough effect on areas such as the hair, eyebrows, and eyelashes.
2.) Artists develop art making skills- Although I stuck to using pencils with this drawing, I used different ways of shading than I usually do. For the face, I spent a long time trying to shade it by shading in circles rather than lines to get a more realistic effect on the drawing. I used the tortillion to make the face look more smooth. I shaded lightly and in layers to show the value changes and to make it look 3D. The hair was challenging for me because I had to do each separate hair in its own stroke rather than shading and not lifting my pencil like i'm used to.
3.)Artists solve problems- There were a few times during this project where i faced problems on my drawing. Most of the challenges were adding too much value. At the beginning, I had trouble getting the proportions right so I used a ruler and made sure I had them correct. Another problem I had was making the eyes look realistic. I spent a whole day on the eyes to make them look right and although it was challenging and time consuming, I still managed to make them look alright. The final problem I had was the hair. It took so long to do each separate stroke to create each strand of hair. Overall, I think I did a great job solving the problems I faced during this project.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Skeleton drawing

The skeleton drawig was very challanging because it was hard to get the correct proportions. I had to do it over a few times to get it right and after i added the ahading, i was very happy with how it turned out. It was cool project. 

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Twinkie drawing- what you can see through

For this project i decided to draw twinkies. I chose twinkies because of the wrappers and just because i wanted to eat them after. I was proud of the result of this drawing and i thought i did a good job getting the correct colors. Im glad i hose the prisma color pencils because they allowed me to get more detail than if i used the pastels. It took a while to get the perfect shading on each twinkie aswell as the glass cup. As i started out this project i was not sure if it would turn out right but in the end, im very happy with this. 
Artists create original art- i was creative when i took pictures of the twinkies. At first, i just had the twinkies in their wrappers and i wanted to to more than that. I decided to get a glass cup that is in an interesting shape and place the twinkies in it. I dimmed the lights and added a main light source to help me see the value in the picture. I added open wrappers on the sides to give more opacity throughout the drawing. 
Artists develop art making skills- i have learned a lot from this drawing on how to make items look realistic with the colored pencils. Drawing the glass cup was challanging and it took a lot of time to make sure the value changes were correct and in the right places. I used layering throughout the drawing to get the right colors which was new to me. 
Artists take risks- there were some places on the drawing that i took big risks on. I decided to make the windows black an i sdi not want to overd fo it. I pushed hard on the pencil and it turned out to be a good darkness. Another risk i took was doing the wrapper. I was very unsure on how it would turn out but overall, i am happy with it.