Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Scratchboard Drawing

The scratchboard drawing was very interesting. I have never done anything like it before and I am glad I was introduced to such a cool art style.

1.) Artists Create Original Art- I did not base this artwork off a picture. I chose to do a forest fire and I felt like it would be more interesting if I put trees in random places rather than copy somebody's photograph. I used a lot of creativity in this project with the fire and trees falling in the background.
2.) Artists Develop Art-making Skills- This project was the first time I have used a scratchboard. I developed different techniques on how to use the scratchboard while doing this project. The different tools i had available really helped me create different textures in different places on the scratchboard. I think the skills I developed while doing this project will help me in the future if I ever do another scratchboard drawing.
3.) Artists Solve Problems- I faced a couple of problems while doing the scratchboard drawing. The first problem was making it realistic. I somewhat solved this problem but I wish I took more time on putting detail into it. The major problem I faced was accidently putting a line in the wrong spot. When this happened I had to rearrange the placement of the trees and fire. I think i did a good job of overcoming this problem but if I use the scratchboard again, I am going to be more careful with my line placement.

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