Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Twinkie drawing- what you can see through

For this project i decided to draw twinkies. I chose twinkies because of the wrappers and just because i wanted to eat them after. I was proud of the result of this drawing and i thought i did a good job getting the correct colors. Im glad i hose the prisma color pencils because they allowed me to get more detail than if i used the pastels. It took a while to get the perfect shading on each twinkie aswell as the glass cup. As i started out this project i was not sure if it would turn out right but in the end, im very happy with this. 
Artists create original art- i was creative when i took pictures of the twinkies. At first, i just had the twinkies in their wrappers and i wanted to to more than that. I decided to get a glass cup that is in an interesting shape and place the twinkies in it. I dimmed the lights and added a main light source to help me see the value in the picture. I added open wrappers on the sides to give more opacity throughout the drawing. 
Artists develop art making skills- i have learned a lot from this drawing on how to make items look realistic with the colored pencils. Drawing the glass cup was challanging and it took a lot of time to make sure the value changes were correct and in the right places. I used layering throughout the drawing to get the right colors which was new to me. 
Artists take risks- there were some places on the drawing that i took big risks on. I decided to make the windows black an i sdi not want to overd fo it. I pushed hard on the pencil and it turned out to be a good darkness. Another risk i took was doing the wrapper. I was very unsure on how it would turn out but overall, i am happy with it. 

Tuesday, March 11, 2014


For this pice of candy, i used pastels. These are way easier to blend than the prismacolor pencils are. Even though they are easier to blend/layer, i don't like how they are messy. I think for our next project i will use both the prismacolor pencils and the pastels to make a cool effect. 


This was the first time i did a drawing with only prisma color. I was pretty happy with how this candy looked when i finished it. The prismacolor pencils are fun to use and to blend different colors together to make new ones. This candy looked more realistic than i thought i could make it so i am happy with the final product. 

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Look at that view!

For this project we had to draw something from an interestin point of view. I was thinking about it and i decided it would be cool do draw somebody looking up a cliff wall. I made the drawing from the perspective of the person looking up so i added an arm/hand to make the drawing more interesting. It took me a few days to ad all of the detail i wanted. I added color to only the arm/hand to make that part pop out. It made the picture look a lot better. I think that overall, this drawing turned out great. I was very happy with it